Enamel Application Gun

MGE3000 – Manual Enamel Powder Spray Gun

MG3000 Manual Enamel Powder Gun consists completely demountable. Ergonomic handle design and lightweight construction thanks to the user does not tire. The high voltage cascade-type cartridge can be easily replaced in case of failure. Through well-designed head group as homogeneous paint allows the paint from sticking to the track by installing the best way. Improved trigger system malfunction risk is minimized. Curtain system by preventing contact with the sealing between cascade and paint and paint cascade transition is download the failure risk to a minimum.

Input Voltage: 13.2 V DC
Output (Download) Voltage: 85 Kv
Electric Current (Max.): 80 μ A
Installation Type (Polarization): Negative
Electrical Protection Class: IP 54
Voltage Cable length: 5 m
Powder Hose Length: 5 m
Gun Weight: 530 gr. (Excluding Cable)
Gun Length: 25 cm. (Excluding Head Group)